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  • Auto Coiling & Enlacing Machine WPM-ACE0001

    Auto Coiling & Enlacing Machine WPM-ACE0001

    Auto Coiling & Enlacing Machine WPM-ACE0001

    Auto Coiling & Enlacing Machine WPM-ACE0001

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  • Auto Coiling & Enlacing Machine WPM-ACE0001

    Auto Coiling & Enlacing Machine
    Machine Characteristic
    ACE0001-Auto coiling and enlacing machine is mainly applied to cut fixed length, wind and enlace of plastic filament, like grass trimming line and nylon monofilament. The machine can automatically cut, wind, enlace plastic filament and discharge products through parameter setting and PLC system, which is low manual cost and high production capacity. One person is needed to operate the machine and the production can be achieved by supplying the electricity and compressed air.
    1.Human machine interface of touch screen; central control; convenient operation; parameter setting; visual display.
    2.According to the setting parameter, the machine can automatically match the operation and count the output under the PLC system.
    3.Photoelectric detection system can automatically detect the lacking, spilling and none wire conditions and alarm and stop the production.
    4.Complete alarming and safety protecting function; double protection of electricity and machinery which is safe and reliable.
    Machine Configuration
    1.Feeding module.
    2.Cutting module.
    3.Coiling module.
    4.Enlacing module.
    5.Transposing module.
    6.Frame module.
    7.Program and electrical control system.
    Principle of Machine Running
    1.Feeding module feeds wire through precision wheels that driven by stepping motor.
    2.Cutting module cuts wire through alloy cutter that guided by linear guideway and driven by cylinder.
    3.Coiling module driven by stepping motor and match feeding, winding and traversing motion.
    4.Enlacing module driven by stepping motor and enlaces product in double station.
    Provided Technical Drawing
    1.Operation manual.
    2.Machine assembly drawing.
    3.Pneumatic and control drawing.
    4.Electrical and control drawing.
    5.Spare parts and wearing parts list.

    filament diameter:

    1.05.0 mm


    Length of machine:

    1350 mm

    Speed of feeding:

    2.0 m/s


    Width of machine:

    650 mm

    I.D of Coiling:

    70100 mm


    Height of machine:

    1700 mm

    O.D of Coiling:

    200 mm


    Weight of machine:

    Approx 300 kg

    Height of Coiling:

    1040 mm


    Power supply:

    1 Phase AC 220V 50Hz 2Kw

    Enlacing Diameter:

    40 mm


    Compressed air:

    0.40.6 Mpa 1 m3/hr

    Production rate

    25 Pcs/minbased 15m length


    Operator required:

    1 personInspection and supplement


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