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  • Automatic cable winding binding machine for cable power cord, DC cable WPM-81M

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  • 8 word single tie type -- Automatic winding wire tying machine WPM-81M 
    Technical parameters:
    Applicable to AC/DC/USB cable winding appearance in the 8 word single strap
    Wire length 6 m or less for wire diameter Φ 6.2 mm or less
    Voltage requirement: 210-240V 5A 
    Wind spacing: 70-200mm
    Machine power ≤2000W 
    bundle diameter ≤ 55mm
    The length of the head is 0-130 mm and the length of the tail is >0 mm
    Production efficiency: 1800PCS /hour (winding 3 times with line length of 1 meter and outcrop tail)
    The pressure requirement is 0.55-0.65mpa. I
    t is suitable for the rubber band core
    With air volume ordinary peeling machine with air volume strap weight ≤ 2.5kg
    The machine size is about 850L*630W*1480H mm and the winding speed can be adjusted
    The weight of the machine is about 130KG
    Main parts of WPM-81m full-automatic winding tying machine with medium 8-character single tie
    Cylinder: Yadeke cylinder and solenoid valve,
    Winding motor: servo motor 1000W Dongling
    Take line translation motor: closed hybrid servo motor 850W lightning race
    Belt conveyor motor: Stepper motor thunder race
    Torsion strap motor: Stepper motor thunder race
    PLC: Fengwei screen: maintenance control
    Rack: Iron rack power supply: clear weft
    Wire claw/twist claw/lower claw material: stainless steel
    Drive system: high reliability servo system, control system for high-speed stable industrial grade controller and system software, English and Chinese bilingual edition.
    WPM-81m full-automatic winding wire tying machine with medium 8-character single tie
    1. The new style with a middle matching shape, is wrapped around the figure 8 and tied with a tie belt;
    2, suitable for USB/DC/AC cable, can leave the head and tail, head and tail, head and tail;
    3. The winding motor adopts 1000W servo, full of power and more stable;
    4. The line-taking translation motor is mixed with 850W servo to prevent stepping phenomenon and demagnetization of stepping motor, and the translation is more stable;
    5. The bearing capacity of the tie belt can be up to 2.5kg, which reduces the frequency of changing the tie belt and improves the working efficiency;
    6. The production efficiency can reach 1800 pieces/hour, saving labor;
    7. Easy to operate, debug and maintain;
    8. Small size, not taking up space, saving rent;
    9. Humanized design can reduce the fatigue strength of employees;
    10. Programmable controller (PLC) control, double-version man-machine interface control in Both Chinese and English;

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