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  • Automatically  Shielding Wire Wrapping Copper Foil Machine WPM-TP

    Automatically  Shielding Wire Wrapping Copper Foil Machine WPM-TP

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  • Automatically  Shielding Wire Wrapping Copper Foil Machine
    Product description:

    Copper foil winding machine (including copper foil machine) set automatic control, precision machinery and other high-tech in one, with high-tech content, cost-effective features. The aircraft in the mechanical structure, control system has the core technology, cost-effective, with high control accuracy and speed. Divided into the rack system, send copper foil system, cut copper foil system, roll copper foil system, control system and other five parts.
    1. The use of silver linear slide, high precision stepper motor, small wear, responsive, high efficiency.
    2.The use of PLC programming controller to achieve high-precision control, industrial-grade motor high subdivision drive to ensure that the equipment running accurate, stable, more efficient, long-term stable and reliable work;
    3.Friendly man-machine interface, full-featured, easy to operate, quick and clear, stable work.


    Model WPM-TP
    Name Automatic Shielded wire copper foil wrapping machine
    Enveloped diameter ≤ 10mm (only for round wire)
    Available copper foil ≤12mm (width, copper foil must have two layers and one layer of copper foil is used for scrap recycling)
    Efficiency 900 ~ 1200pcs/h
    Power supply  220V/50Hz 800W
    Air source not less than 5KGf/cm2
    Dimensions 550 × 360 × 390mm 
    Weight:  35Kg




    Shielding wire wrapping copper foil machine, automatic copper foil package machine

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