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  • Ultrasonic fabric label cutting machine/satin ribbon cutting machine

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  • Ultrasonic fabric label cutting machine/satin ribbon cutting machine
    Product Description
    1: The equipment is equipped with 2 sets of operating system: a system for professional cutting (can replace the cutting machine), another system for cutting, punching. Convenient and free to switch!
    2, the equipment is equipped with two sets of fast response of the ultrasonic generator and transducer, the control system using the latest super-powerful computing function PLC, to achieve continuous punching, cutting function. No matter how many holes you have to play, and the distance between the hole and the hole is how much can be set inside the touch screen, really reached a machine.
    3. Use high-carbon alloy steel cutting tool, punching: incision complete and beautiful, trimming smooth and smooth, no burr, no side, excellent cutting effect
    4. The cut, automatic feeding, computer counting, high precision, fast, adjust the length and punch the number of simple and efficient, efficient.
    5. Used for belts, seat belts, watch belt, pet belt, gift belt, strip nylon belt, strip ribbon and other cutting holes.
    6, the machine can also be used as a separate shearing machine: straight knife, oblique knife, dovetail and other shapes
    Product use:
    Ribbon, ribbon fixed length cut, drilling one-time completion: automatic fixed length, automatic cut off, automatic drilling no burr, smooth rounded, not scattered side.
    Product alias:
    cutting machine with a belt cutting machine with a punching machine CNC cutting machine with a cutting band positioning machine.

    The equipment is widely used in clothing, packaging, gifts, ribbon cutting and other industries, its no ability to cut the effect of the shear by the majority of customers love

    automatic non woven tape webbing hole punching ultrasonic cutting machine

    right angle bevel 45 degree ultrasonic webbing tape cutting machine

    Ultrasonic cutting machine different shapes satin ribbon,polyester ribbon bevel angle 45 degree

    Ultrasonic hole piercing machine punching hole tape cutting machine

    Ultrasonic round shapes fabric tape cutting machine with edges sealing

    Watch strap Rounded corner punching ultrasonic cutting machine

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